Executive Board Members

2019-20 Executive Board Members

Position Name Email address
Co-Presidents Beth Folkmann president@madisonpto.org
Kim Bird president@madisonpto.org
VP Enrichment Heather Gustafson enrichment@madisonpto.org
VP Fundraising Kristin Hull fundraising@madisonpto.org
VP Communications Jennifer Baskel communications@madisonpto.org
VP Technology Erica Posthuma technology@madisonpto.org
Treasurer Stacia Wood treasurer@madisonpto.org
Assistant Treasurer Becky Schreiber treasurer@madisonpto.org
Recording Secretary Heather Byers secretary@madisonpto.org
Principal Kim Rutan krutan@d181.org

This slate, along with the proposed revisions to the PTO bylaws (view HERE) was presented for vote and approved at the PTO General Meeting on May 7th.