High Interest Day offers a variety of hobbies, interests, and career path ideas for our

3rd-5th grade students to explore. The event is made possible by our wonderful parent
and community member volunteers!


Event date will be announced in the spring.



2024 Presenters: 


Architecture - The Art of Creating Space

Join in to explore the diverse and curious components that go into architectural design.  From a simple piece of furniture to a complex skyscraper, unravel what it is to be an architect and see the world in an entirely new way!


Be An Emergency Room Doctor

Paging the doctor!  Step into the shoes of an ER doctor for a day!  Have a patient with a broken bone?  Learn how to apply a cast.  Help an injured patient by learning how to suture and dress a wound.  Don’t forget the injection to help the patient stay healthy.  Learn and try it all - it’s your day to come to the rescue!


Camp Madison

An adventure awaits you at Camp Madison!  Scout leaders will show you how to pitch a tent as you learn about camping skills in the great outdoors.  Put your survival skills to the test as you use teamwork to solve a camping escape room challenge!


Engineering – The Sky's the Limit

Ever wonder how buildings stand up?  Come hang out with a structural engineer and learn what goes into designing buildings, bridges and towers.  We will learn ways to combat forces like gravity, and natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes!  Do you have what it takes to build a structure that is stable?


Firefighter for a Day

Experience firsthand what it’s like to be a firefighter!  There will be an obstacle challenge course involving firefighter gear and equipment, and you’ll learn the ins and outs of the fire engine!


Game Design And Coding In Scratch

Do you love to play video games?  Code Ninjas Westmont will teach you what happens behind the scenes to develop a video game.  Dive into the endless world of Scratch 2.0 and code your own game.  Students will collaborate with their peers and build a mini game in Scratch 2.0.


Hair Braiding

Come join stylists from local salon, Zazu Salon & Day Spa, for an exciting hands-on workshop that teaches hair braiding and a skincare regimen in just a few easy steps!


JG’s Reptile Road Show

Slither on over for this exciting, educational, and interactive experience!  You will have the opportunity to handle reptiles found all over the world!


Mr. Pomeroy Is On Trial!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to serve on a jury?  A crime has taken place at Madison Elementary School and it’s up to YOU to see that justice prevails.  Come get an up close look at the U.S. justice system in action!


Lacrosse – Hinsdale Herd

Learn to play the fastest sport on two feet and the oldest sports around – lacrosse!  Professionals from the Hinsdale Herd will introduce the basics of this fast-growing game – cradling, passing, catching, scooping up ground balls, shooting, and dodging! 


Make a Movie Trailer

This class will teach you everything you need to know to make a movie trailer from start to finish.  Let’s make some magic happen!


Make Your Own Soap

Get soap-er excited for this interactive session where you will learn how to make your own soap.  You will get to customize the color, scent, and other surprises to make your own soap one-of-a-kind!  Life’s too short to use boring soap, so stay sudsy in this class!


Martial Arts

Strive Martial Arts will instruct you in the art of self-defense.  Students who complete this course will use their skills to break a board at the end of class!


Mighty But Micro-Organisms

Ever wonder what microorganisms like bacteria, yeast and viruses look like?  Come observe – using microscopes – microbes’ shapes and sizes.  You will design a superbug, build a 3-D virus and see how it reacts to soap, and become a “microbiologist at home” with a special Petri plate experiment! 


More Than Meets The Eye

Join our very own optometrist, Dr. Treacy Adamo, to learn all about eyes.  Dr. Adamo will teach you about how eyes work and then guide you through an actual dissection of a cow’s eye.



Come learn about a career in the photography industry and the basics of photography!  Students will learn different photo techniques from portrait to product photography.  You will get to bring your work home on your iPad to show your family. 



Join us to learn about pickleball – a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis.  Pickleball was invented in the mid-1960s as a children's backyard pastime, but has since become one of America's most popular growing sports among all ages.  Learn the basic rules, technique and strategy of this fast-growing sport while having a ball with this fun and challenging game.                                                                                                                                                             

Planting In A Pot

Create your own container garden filled with flowers, plants, and greenery.  Learn how to keep your pot growing and bring it home to enjoy! We will also help make Madison greener by planting flowers at the school.


Sew Cool

Do you want a fun way to store your stuff?!  Learn to sew a felt pouch to hold your favorite accessories, pens and pencils, sunglasses, even your Nerf Darts -- or add a ribbon strap to make it a cool cross-body phone case! Choose from a variety of colors and designs from camouflage to polka dots, pick a thread color, and we’ll show you how to follow a simple pattern, cut out the shape, and sew up the sides with an easy stitch.  You’ll even learn to sew on a button, too!


Special Agent Madison – Your Turn To Protect the Law

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a Special Agent?  This class will give you a glimpse into the day-to-day life of chasing bad guys, conducting surveillance, executing search warrants, making arrests and even protecting the President!  You will also get to see some of the equipment that Special Agents use, such as a fingerprint scanner, police radios, ballistic vests, handcuffs, and more!


The Human Body

Do you wonder what your body looks like on the inside or how all the different parts work?  Come learn about the amazing things your body can do that help to keep you alive!  You will find out what your lungs and other organs feel like and how doctors use technology like X-rays to see inside our bodies.


Vet For a Day

Do you love animals?  Come meet Dr. Baker from the Lane Veterinary Practice and her loyal companion(s).  See what it is like to be a vet for a day!  VIT’s (Vets-In-Training) will examine x-rays, perform “CPR”, and give a furry friend a check-up.  **Please note students will be in close contact with a canine friend.  Please do not choose this class if you or family members are allergic to dogs.**



The practice of yoga is believed to have started with the very dawn of civilization.  Local teacher, Mia Baldo, will help you find peace and calmness through yoga.