Wednesdays 1/17-4/3, 3pm-4:30pm - Register HERE

Class is taught by an artist who is personally chosen and trained by Maureen Claffy in her methods and philosophy. Maureen is present in the classroom over the semester and makes a point to get to know, instruct, and interact with every child artist.

Tuition includes a take-home sketchbook to hold ideas and a zippered canvas bag to hold a pencil, eraser, sharpener, and a fine line and medium line sharpie.

Teaching centered around a custom printed ArtBook written by Maureen Claffy which includes:
- Introduction to the work of a celebrated artist
- Color of the week, color mixing/theory
- Focused object tracing to learn line, form, and shape
- Jump to drawing page to increase confidence and solidify drawing skills
- Imagination page
- Method, material, or design principle of the week

We then move to open studio time to paint and draw original art with professional quality materials. We end each class with circle talk, where the children learn to talk about their art and their artistic process. We create a universe of Yes with positivity and encouragement for our students. We foster any artistic path the children want to follow and they gain confidence, new skills, and a new understanding along the way.